Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Avengers

     The Avengers, released on April 25, 2012, is an action-packed movie where superheroes from across the 20th century unite for a comeback against an attempt to conquer the world as big as they come. Making over $80,517,000 on opening night, it was obviously a well anticipated event. Expertly guiding the cast, staff, and spectacular special effects, Director Joseph Whedon, born June 23, 1964, finished his 7th popular movie, and the first one worth watching at it's release.
     The returning characters involved in The Avengers are your classic 1900’s superheroes gone wild. In the movie “Iron Man”, “Hulk”, “Thor”, and forever-loved “Captain America”, not to mention a few others only known by superhero fanatics return to the stage once again. As only to be expected from anything containing superheroes, the majority of the movie takes place in and just outside of New York. Desperately attempting to conquer earth in order to gain control of the most powerful army in the universe, and to finally prove himself in front of his famous brother Thor, Loki, known across galaxies as a ruthless and cruel villain who claims to be a god, sets out for his destiny of universal control. He’s terrifying, he’s merciless, and he wears a really big obnoxious hat-like thing. Having one of their close friends and associates killed by Loki, the heroes unite in an effort to overthrow the powerful enemy and restore earth to it’s natural being.
     Although, before they save the world, their is another problem. The Avengers must learn to operate together to use their powers for the good of the team. No, that doesn’t sound familiar at all. When not “The Hulk”, reserved Dr. Bruce Banner would much rather be back curing his foreign patients. Tony Stark, also known as “Iron Man”, simply desires to return to his billionaire lifestyle as the CEO and Founder of Stark Industries, a leading energy providing corporation. After being found hiding undercover, Captain America is just about the only one who is willing to fight, and has to spend almost all of his time trying to pull the Avengers together. Through all of this Loki is continually on the move, casually killing cowardly innocents as he waits for his army to arrive. His army arrives. Suddenly, the Avengers are stuck having to take on an entire intergalactic army themselves.
     As the team pulls together, their victory slowly closes down upon the enemy. Loki is captured, and under the supervision of Thor, is returned to his home planet. The movie ends with New York covered in dead aliens and disabled robots from the other side of space. Nobody knows where the Avengers disappeared to after the battle, or who in the world plans to clean up the mess left behind.
     The majority of this movie is filled to the brim with explosions, fights, shooting, and basically anything else violent one could think of. The special effects are as real as New York itself. The stand out part of the movie took place just after Loki had captured and forced a large group of civilians to bow down to him. Trying to convince them that they were “created for slavery”, he specifically notices one different mortal in the back of the crowd who captures his attention. When an elderly man stands and tells Loki to his face that he would never bow down to a man like him, Loki amusingly retorts that there are no men like him. To this the man replies, “There are always men like you.” Seeing this kind of scene in a modern movie is quite shocking and gives the movie a more pronounced effect on viewers. The Avengers is an action-packed film certainly worth a watch.

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